Earn Money With Wap4Dollar – Simple Way To Earn Money

Most people are searching for “how to earn money from their blog/ website”.
Here i will teach you a simple ad network which pays enough money.


First of all, create an account in wap4dollar.

wap4dollarYou need to verify your email for confirming your w4d account.
After that, login to your account.
There will be lots of icons.

You must add pop under code to your website. It can increase your earning.
It’s just a JavaScript code. Add it to your website’s <body> tag.
You can find pop user code from Get Pop under code menu.
If you are using blogger, then simply edit your html code to add external codes.
If you are running any php script, edit your index.php file.
See the image below:


Also you can add direct ad codes to your website’s index.php file.
For your unique direct ad link, check direct ad links menu in wap4dollar account.

See the image below.


Your JavaScript code must be added after <body> tag and before </body> tag.
Save all your changes and earning will be started soon!
You can withdraw your earning once it reach 5$ through PayPal.

For any doubts, contact us or leave a comment.

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